IT Consulting

OPACLabs is a leading enterprise technology solution provider. Guided by our strong content background and ability to create engaging UI/UX , we work with our clients to build robust, award-winning web, mobile and social media solutions for iOS, Android, Windows 8, HTML5 and more.

Our Work Flow

Agile Practices

We follow Agile practices , Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development

Continuous Integration & TDD

Define the continuous integration tools and practices. Set the practices for unit testing, integration testing, functional and UI testing. Leverage testing and QA automations using industry proven toolsets like jenkins, robonium, selenium, SOAP UI and others

Foundation Architecture

Define the foundation architecture, practices. Establish the frameworks, Service and API patterns. Leverage cloud services. Mentor team

1 goAnalytics “who are the latest 3 users?”
3  {
4    "Dave": {
5      "fullName": "Dave Gamache",
6      "twitterHandle": "@dhg",
7    }
8    "Mark": {
9      "fullName": "Mark Otto",
10      "twitterHandle": "@mdo",
11    }
12    "Jacob": {
13      "fullName": "Jacob Thornton",
14      "twitterHandle": "@fat",
15    }
16  }
Easy development

Following best practices make a long lasting solution easy for anyone.

We leverage best practices offered by Frameworks, languages and tools. Some of best practices we follow are, Do-not Repeat yourself, re-usability, and code modularity.

Competency & Practices

It’s not hard to see how we make your IT solutions easier every day.

24/7 support. We’re always here for you no matter what time of day.

E-commerce Apps Web and Mobile apps with sales analytics

Turnaround. Distributed apps to process in seconds.

Rich calculations. Limitless ways to splice and dice your data.

Mobile apps. (Coming soon!) iOS and Android apps available for monitoring & your audience.

Secure connections. Following enterprise and domain security rules

Engineering Team

Lokendra Lodha CEO/Architect

Alkesh Singh CTO/Mobile

Ajay Aneja CTO/ Big Data

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